Support BLET-PAC!


 Money from the BLET-PAC is used in the fight on Capitol Hill that impact your job, your family, and your future.

  • Railroad Retirement
  • Amtrak Funding
  • Federal Employers' Liability Act
  • Railroad Security
  • Railroad Safety

Big Railroads spend big money in Washington to influence members of Congress and push the anti-worker plan.

In the last election cycle, Union Pacific donated a whopping $2,444,993 to federal candidates. BNSF threw in $2,590,882. CS and Norfolk Southern donated $1,273,796 respectively

Despite this eye popping spending by the Big Railroads, through aggressive lobbying on Capitol Hill and in State Houses and City Halls across America, our union worked to stop some of the worst attacks on our members.  Congress and state legislatures increasingly control vital aspects of the railroad industry and our profession.  we must support those in elected office that support us, on issues that are important to us, and to our families.


 Big Railroads are pushing their agenda harder than ever. That means we have to fight back stronger than ever. Unions can not just react when important issues arise. We must get in the game early and help set the agenda.  BLET-PAC helps elect and retain elected officials who share our concerns.


 Laws prohibit the use of union dues for political purposes. Your voluntary BLET-PAC contribution fills this gap and enable us to helpful those who share our interest on the state and national level.


BLET-PAC also works for our retired members and their spouses. We're working to protect your interest on matters related to Railroad Retirement, Survivor benefits, and other timely issues.


$5 a month is the price of a cup or coffee, a magazine, or a few lotto tickets

$10 is the price of lunch or a movie

$20 To $50 is a  tremendous shot in the arm for our folk fighting in the trenches

From the Desk of the Chairman

I would like to challenge all members to participate in the Political Action Committee (PAC) program with at least $5 a month contributions.  This money is specifically used to help ANY politician who helps us with the issues we are working on.  As far as numbers go, on a national level we are being far outspent by the railroads in the political world.  According to last year's numbers, the BLET national total for PAC was approximately $512,000; however, the railroads spent 6.4 million in PAC and over 34 million in lobbying politicians.  This doesn't even include donations made from corporate treasury a fund that is not accountable.  For far less than a cup of coffee a day, your contribution to the PAC can have a positive influence in your career.  Please contact your Division LR for an Application and contribute to our cause.


Gary R. Pedigo

Texas State Legislative Board -Chairman