The Texas State Legislative Board is made up of approximately 2800 Brothers and Sisters from 41  Divisions that are members of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainman spread across the State of Texas.  Each Division has a Legislative Representative to handle Division duties.



  Division 62 Houston UPSR

Ryan Melconian

Division 139 Houston UPSR

Dereck Haugen

Division 172 Fort Worth BNSF-Frisco

Alan Kates

Division 177 Denison UPSR

Trey Pedigo

Division 189 Saginaw BNSF-FWD

Ben Wright

Division 192 El Paso UPWL

Steve Seale

Division 194 Houston UPSR

Mark Carnes

Division 197 San Antonio UPSR

Cesar Rodriguez

Division 201 Gainesville BNSF-ATSF

Brent Roberts

Division 206 Temple BNSF-ATSF

Blake Stephens

Division 212 Big Springs UPSR

Cliff McCartney

Division 242 Ennis UPSR

Bill Baker

Division 244 Laredo TEX-MEX

Mario Leija

Division 249 Houston BNSF-ATSF

Michael White

Division 264 El Paso BNSF-ATSF

Greg Guerra

Division 299 Amarillo BNSF-ATSF

Derek Heck

Division 350 Kingsville UPSR

Fred Koritta

Division 366 Houston UPSR

Kenneth Booker

Division 475 Smithville UPSR

Ed Contreras

Division 496 Texarkana UPSR

Patrick Miller

Division 500 Cleburne BNSF-ATSF

Mark Morton

Division 530 Commerce UPSR

Clint Thompson

Division 566 Del Rio UPSR

Guadalupe Rodriguez

Division 573 Greenville KCS

Bryce Dondero

Division 574 Amarillo BNSF-FWD

Larry Yaws

Division 592 Dalhart UPWL

Brian Terpening

Division 612 Nederland KCS

Jim Fisher

Division 620 Fort Worth UPSR

Scott Piekarski

Division 703 Teauge BNSF-FWD

John Lester

Division 711 Baytown UPSR

Ray Dunlap

Division 736 Wichita Falls BNSF-FWD

Brad Patterson

Division 741 San Antonio BNSF-ATSF

Chris Morales

Division 775 Victoria UPSR

Joseph Walker

Division 776 Galveston BNSF-ATSF

Bill Scott

Division 834 Mineola UPSR

Martin Castro

Division 857 Tyler UPSR

Mark Ganong

Division 863 Brownwood BNSF-ATSF

David Davis

Division 871 Slaton BNSF-ATSF

Jacob Malone

Division 910 Beaumount UPSR

Wayne Weston

Division 918 North Pleasanton UPSR

Wayne Davis

Division 944 Dallas UPSR

Larry Williams